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It's The Official eBiz HOLIDAY Advertising Blow Out!



Released:  12-05-19

FROM THE DESK OF: Michelle, Hotlist Admin.

Dear Web Marketer,

Holiday Promotional Season has begun! Only those smart webmasters who start advertising in October will reap huge Holiday Sales! So Let me ask you one simple question: Is your web site getting the kind of exposure that it needs your site GETTING NOTICED? Well if you are anything like the average web master online today than your answer is probably no, right?

Let's face it... With the number of new businesses being set up on the Internet each and every day you as a webmaster must keep your site in front of Internet users everywhere that you can. You have to be able to zero-in on a target audience that is receptive to your offers and products AND you have to do it on a shoe string budget. It would mean a lot to me if you could close your office door to avoid interruptions for the next 10 minutes so that I may have the opportunity to tell you about an exciting new marketing package only offered one month a year. This may just prove to be the luckiest day of your life! You are one of only a very few select people to receive notice of this special opportunity to market your business!

What if you had the opportunity to bring thousands of people to your web site by tomorrow?

Are you currently using....

Ezine Advertising
Banner Advertising
FFA/Forum Advertising
Adsense Advertising
Guaranteed Traffic
BLOG Advertising

If you answered YES .....then you're going to love the new Package we've introduced for The Holiday Promotional Season -2019!

This special once in a lifetime offer ONLY happens ONCE every year! This offer is open ONLY while supplies last!   

19 YEAR FULL TIME INTERNET MARKETER! has proudly joined forces with, a widely known leading force in Internet Advertising and Web Design and we are proud to announce that our official Holiday Advertising Campaigns are now being offered for established webmasters. You will soon see that because of our special partnership, we can offer you MORE advertising, MORE Benefits, and MORE Exposure just in time for the holidays!

Getting members to join your program is easy - but only if you know how and where to advertise. With this highly effective advertising service, I'll be personally advertising for ALL of you. Everyone will get a flood of traffic, sales, and even sign ups if you get in before all 200 slots have been filled. My first round of 1 million visitors will be programmed very soon & first come, first programmed, first shown!

I'm not going to beat around the bush or write a long-winded sales page... what you see.. is simply what you'll get. I'm very confident that you will see the true value in joining without all that extra hype and jargon...

All products listed on this page are included with the package deal. All orders will be completely set and/or submitted within 7 business days.  Let us remind you that this is a tremendous offer - and it takes a little time to set up.  One order today could literally mean thousands of visitors at your site starting next week!

The services below are our MOST popular and response-producing packages for the year 2019!!  They are the biggest, brightest and the best that we could possibly offer.  This is massive web site exposure!



View Customer Testimonials Here!

  • 10,000 Guaranteed Website Visitors.  You can rest assured that at least 10,000 people visit your offer because we will send you at least 10000 visitors over 28 days! That's guaranteed and in the bank people!    Value of $58.00.
  • 16,000 Social Website Visitors.  These are visitors that are sent to your web site from our social media accounts. We will push visitors in your target niche directly from our social media accounts including: Facebook, Twitter , Pintrest, Reddit, and StumbleUpon! That's guaranteed visitors straight from our social media accounts!    Value of $159.92.
  • 8 Pack Self Serve Email Solos to 20,000 Readers.  You are in total control. You submit your ad content online instantly for scheduling. You can edit your ads content at anytime. Online control panel tracking. Free niche targeting. Free GEO targeting. Choose custom send dates yourself. Daily Open Caps. Completely Automated System. Guaranteed 3% CTR. See how many people have opened your solos. See the last 25 referrers. Up to 3 subject headers per solo ad. Preview your solos from your online control panel and tons of niches to choose from!    Value of $792.00.
  • 8 Pack eMail Blasts to 5,000 Members In our Directory.  This email packages is one of our most popular. Not eZine advertising, but a direct eMail blast to our 5,000 members in our exchange directory.    Value of $544.00.
  • 8 Pack HTML Solo ads to our BN4OM mailing list -These ads are 45 line solo HTML ads sent out as a stand alone mailing to our BN4OM mailing list of 30,000 readers. HTML creation is done by a qualified SDT staff member.  -Value $960.00 |
  • (LIFETIME) TEXT Email Solo Announcements to the BN4OM Mailing List -Your eMail solo will be sent to over 30,000 interested Hot Biz Opportunities Seekers, Self Employed and Company Executives! (Limit To One Solo Submission Per Week - Run dates are scheduled at the sole discretion of BN4OM Editor) -Value $1,000.00
  • (LIFETIME) RSS Solo Announcements on the SDTadvertising RSS Channel - This channel receives approximately 3,000 views per day.  Your RSS solo will be posted in the Hot Biz Opportunities, Press Releases, and the Holiday Special Deal Categories PERMANENTLY!!!! The rss feed is listed on Yahoo, Google, and MSN - beause of this, your solo announcement will be indexed by these major search engines! -Value $1,000.00
  • (LIFETIME) Banner Impressions On! You'll also receive a banner spot rotated on the main pages of & with unlimited total impressions! Free banner design is offered if needed! -Value $99.00
  • 8 Pack Ezine Blast to 825,000 Opt In readers - A 5-line ad submission to our group of ezine publishers, totalling over 825,000 readers.You Get MORE Ads per Group for LESS Money! We will submit your classified ad to our TOTAL SUBSCRIBER BASE of 825,000 THOUSAND 100% opt-in readers - 8 times before Christmas! This is targeted advertising - much more effective than the hit-and-miss safelist ads, FFAs, etc. - Value $480.00
  • SDT Media Secondary Promotional Add On - This kit provides you with secondary from our extensive software release collection.  Since we have released over 20 exclusive software packages on the Internet since the year of 2000, we have good search engines rankings and lots of visitors reading our products.  This add on kit will get you  6 - count em - SIX graphical ads placed in rotation in our eProducts. That means, your ad will be seen whenever a new reader opens up one of our eProducts! Wow. Again, this information is submitted for you so you don't even have to lift a finger :) Value $200.00
  • SDT Ad Co-op with 90 days of continuous blasts - Your url will be placed into the advertising rotation and will remain in constant rotation for 3 months. Your url will be rotated among everyone in the program. We will use our 14+ years of marketing experience to advertise the ad co-op to 5 million web sites using various strategies and techniques. I will also send guaranteed traffic & sign ups to the co-op. Ads professionally written by our in house copywriters. We will even send guaranteed sign ups to you.! Value $50.00

Plus extra special Exposure!

  • 2 Classified Ads each rotated on the web site and the BN4OM Online Interactive Newsletter!
  • Top Spot Text Ad Rotation rotated at the top of the BN4OM online Interactive Newsletter!

Email & RSS Solos Can Be:

  • Up to 45 lines of text
  • Subject Header of your choice
  • Web site url of your choice
  • ** Ads that state specific earnings statements such as "Earn $50,000 in 2 days" will not be accepted.
  • ** Ads that promote web sites that do not contain: Privacy Policy, Terms of Service Agreement, and Owner Contact Information will not be accepted.

 What makes this package so special?

  • BIG Discounts -Imagine being able to send an ad out for each program you join without paying separate fees for each run date!
  • Widespread Exposure to the people you need to network with.
  • Statistics show that it takes atleast 5-7 solo runs for a reader to feel comfortable enough to buy your product.
  • Once in a lifetime deal! Not very many eZine publishers offer lifetime solo packages!

This package has been designed for extended life!  You will receive a lifetime supply of Email solo submissions for the life of and the BN4OM newsletter. You can't extend the life of your advertising budget any further then that!

Here's How The Lifetime of Ads Works:  After your order is placed you will be sent to an order confirmation page with instructions on how to place your first solo submission (Scheduled for November). You'll also receive instructions on where to submit future Solos. In the future, you have the right to submit an unlimited number of Solos - no extra charge! Your purchase today entitles you to an unlimited number of solo postings for the lifetime of the BN4OM newsletter! So that's one small fee today for unlimited Solo posting rights in the future! You can't beat it with a stick!



Blasts to 2.5 Million Additional Sites

Fast Action Bonus #1 How Would You Like Your Website Submitted to an ADDITIONAL 2,500,000+ SITES? We will use our Powerful New Software to BLAST your website out to the best and busiest Advertising pages, Advertising Networks and Search engines across the net. Drastically increase your web site traffic EVERY day. Automatic, Quality Submissions at an Unbeatable Value $19.99 per month!


Search Engine Submissions

Fast Action Bonus #2 We will also include A Search Engine Submission. Our website submission software makes it easy to submit (and then resubmit each month) your websites to 66 of the top search engines. The Software engine Database is constantly updated and always available so you can rest assured your search engine submissions are always current!  Value $30.00






Fast Action Bonus #3 We will also include all of these bonus eproduct titles...

Social Media Marketing - MRR

Fancy Coupon Pro - MRR

Traffic Tips 4 Beginners - PLR

750 Traffic Tactics - PLR

Split Test Profits - PLR

Advanced SEO Techniques - PLR

Internet Copywriting Handbook- PLR



Total package value: $5,342.92!

Your Cost for TODAY ONLY:  $300.00

2 Hours Only - Opening Day Only!



Okay, So Now I Bet Your Next Question is,
"What's All This Going To Cost Me?"

Instead of thinking cost, you should consider investment. Imagine how much blasting your very own campaign to millions of high-traffic websites could mean to your bottom line.. what it could do for your sales? Imagine branding your name, being successful on the Internet, and gaining respect! This package is valued at $5300.00 with bonuses.

But, I'm not going to charge you $5000 or $1500 or even $500, seemingly the going rate for this type of high exposure package (which doesn't even give you a quarter of the features and value that I've assembled for you)! In fact, if you were to visit and purchase each one of these ad blasts separately, you would spend $800.00! And that's real talk.

During this special 2019 release, your entire investment is Only $200.00 $69.00 That's more than 75% OFF normal rates!

We know what you're thinking - "$69.00 is an insanely LOW price- so what's the catch?" Quite Simply - There isn't one! Listen... we have always been an affordable place clients can go to for high quality advertising campaigns. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products, services, and support while keeping our fees very reasonable. This ensures that all webmasters - from all walks of life - even YOU - can afford to advertise professionally. Oh...almost forgot... We've even helped several famous gurus jump start their product launches with absolute success!

So If you are at all interested in this incredible opportunity to market your business to the masses- then you absolutely have to order today. These spots sell very fast and the order quota is not that far away!

Warning - It's In Limited Supply...
But You Can Still Order Until Quantities are gone!

The only thing left to do is TAKE ACTION!


 Your Cost for TODAY ONLY:  $200.00



You can order as many as you'd like but in order to make sure your campaign brings maximum holiday exposure and profits - Only ONE Web Site url per package purchase!

Ex: If you have two separate web sites to promote - you'll need to buy TWO Holiday Deals!

Paypal payments are confirmed instantly after payment via eMail return receipt. Don' forget to click the return to merchant link from within paypal in order to return to our web site!


 Can't See The Order Button? Click here to order now!

 Remember, advertising is 100% tax deductible so save your payment receipt!

Now that I have had a chance to use you program I just had to tell you how I feel about it.  This would have to be the best value product on the net today.  Anyone who wants to advertise, and is there anyone who doesn't?, simply can't afford not to join this program..

For example, your 23,000 solo ads every week. Most eZines will charge $25 just to run it once and it won't be to 23,000, more likely less than 5,000.  And that's just one of many things we are able to do on this website. Thank you and congratulation on a job brilliantly done. Everything is simply quality and value and value for money.

Kirsten Plotkin

My name is Ronald Parson and I am an internet marketer for some time now, and have recently been involved with the Classy Blaster system.  The name says it all.  This is a program that you truly "set and forget".  The system automatically and  regularly submits my ads so that I can personally  attend to the needs of my customers. This is a great time saver.

 Ronald Parson

" The Classic AD Blaster is a tremendous boost to my advertising. Just one click & I'm reaching a huge number of sites. The response is great and the system works perfectly. Customer services is awesome."

Fannie Butler -DHS Club

"SDTadvertising has helped me get started with Internet Marketing. My Ezine subscriber list grows weekly and they always have great specials!
Thank You!

Jim White, White Lightning Marketing"

Girl, I haven't talked to you in ages...then all of a sudden I see this awesome package you came up with and I'm like WHOA........ Michelle? I couldn't hit the payment button quick enough.... I'll get all my advertising for free..I'll get paid, and hows it go girl...rinse and repeat.. LOL..... Plus the page is so intense, but runs you right through like clockwork or cutting through soft butter : )  Thanks Michelle.... Holiday Hugs and Sales

Roy Fielding - The Free Tools Newsletter

If you have any questions about this package, please click over to our online helpdesk for quick assistance. All reps. are standing by online just to answer your questions! If you need free consulting before you purchase, please contact support!


Don't hate yourself for missing this opportunity!

Michelle, Admin.

P.S. Hurry! Until midnight tonight, you can save on this marketing ad package with our quality guarantee! You just can't lose - unless you ignore this opportunity.

P.P.S. If you always DO what you've always DONE, you'll always succeed in getting exactly what you've always GOT!


Not Interested in this package? That's ok ..we have an outrageous advertising sale going on that runs for 90 days AT A PRICE THAT CANNOT BE BEAT ANYWHERE!  Click here to find out more!

** Only ONE site url for promotion per ad package purchase.

Earnings Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, dont apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individuals success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

*This Package requires an eMail address for confirmation purposes.
** This is not a matrix, get rich quick, or MLM program!! You will not have a downline, upline, or other such nonsense.
*** This program pays out on ONE level only.


 This offer made available exclusively at and in partnership with

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